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‘We Are All Cheese Head’s’ Campaign (2022-2023)

A selection of shorts from the commercial campaign I designed and directed for Frigo Cheese Heads 
With 14 shorts in total so far, it’s been exciting bringing the Cheese Heads universe to life! 

Directed by Laura Jayne Hodkin
Character designs by Laura Jayne Hodkin
Background design by Kyle Platts
Background assistance by Hoon Y
Storyboards by Barry Reynolds
Music and sound design by Skillbard 
Produced by Strange Beast
Agency: Carmichael Lynch

Animation Leads: Matt Lloyd, Harriet Gillian
2D Animation by Campbell Hartley, Nelly Michenaud, Setareh Erfan, Sheetal Thankey, Christa Jarrold, Matt Partridge, Cako Facioli, Charlie Lane-Bush, Eloise Garlick
Clean up Leads: Simona Mehandzhieva, Sacha Beeley
Clean up & Animation Assistance by Larry Zochowski, Sacha Beeley, Peter Chownsmith, Caitlin Mccarthy, Dan Stankler, Eloise Garlick, Alexandra Parkinson, Lydia Reid, Krisi Zhu, Giulia Frixione
Compositing by Corrine Ladeinde, Fred Parodi, Linus Kraemer, Michael Bel Gil